Volume 20,Issue 6,1994 Table of Contents

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MARC and It's Revolution
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(378.67 K)]
The Compilation and Publication of Chinese Reference Books and the Theoretical Study on Them
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(421.45 K)]
Methods of Compiling the Post-controlled Vacabulary
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(244.66 K)]
The Bibliophile and Collator Fu Zengxiang,a Comtmporay Master of Great Learning
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(575.11 K)]
Serve the Economic Construction, the Eternal Theme of Libraries in China
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(375.92 K)]
Exert the Library to the Utmost of Its Ability,Making the Best Possible Use of Books,Everyone Must Do His Duty-an Investigation on the Experiences of Fuzhou Municipal Library to Increase Book Utilization Ration
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(98.37 K)]
The Development and Services of Library Information under New Situation
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(208.42 K)]
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(59.25 K)]
The "Information Expressway",the "Gold Bridge"and the Library
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(253.94 K)]
The New Development of Information Science and Technology
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(312.77 K)]
Combine Modern Cataloging with the Characteristics of Chinese Rare Books-Rlg Cataloguing Rules for Chinese Rare Books
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(143.03 K)]
Public Library Undertaking of Hongkong
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(188.48 K)]
The International Organization of Library Circles---International Federation of Library Association(IFLA)
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(242.38 K)]
China,an Active Participant in IFLA Activities
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(299.86 K)]
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(183.82 K)]
The Special Districts of Public Libraries-a Casual comment on the Distinctiveness of Small and Medium-sized Libraries
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(139.15 K)]
Problems of Library Automation Construction in Developing Countriesand their Countermeasures
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(241.05 K)]
Save the Present Age and Benefit the Later Periods
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(176.30 K)]
毛泽东藏书十万卷 计算机管理自动化──深圳图书馆向中央档案馆赠送ILAS软件
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(42.37 K)]
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(42.37 K)]
  1994,20(6):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(127.84 K)]