Volume 23,Issue 6,1997 Table of Contents

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  Xu Wenbo
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(66.61 K)]
  Zhou Xiaopu
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(115.86 K)]
总结成绩 开拓进取——中国图书馆学会第五次会员代表大会胜利召开
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.87 K)]
Library and Network Information Resources
  Huang Chunyuan
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(193.53 K)]
On the Scientific Evaluaion Function of Publications
  Lou Cequn
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(80.13 K)]
An Analysis of Major Topics in Theoretical Studies of Library Science in Russia
  Lin Xi
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(84.04 K)]
Research on the Development Mechanism of Information Industry
  Zhu Jie and Jing Jipeng
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(91.69 K)]
From Passiveness to Reasonableness:A Study on the Control of Classes
  Wen Rongsheng
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(120.42 K)]
Five Major Aspects of Competition in Chinese Librarianship at the Turn of the Century
  Wang Shiwei
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(74.01 K)]
On the Protection of Librarianship
  Ding Dake
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(112.73 K)]
Keys to Library Leadership
  Chang Shuzhi
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(67.56 K)]
A Study on the Introduction of Promise System into Reader Services
  Cai Jinzhong
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(68.29 K)]
Recent Advances in the Research of Information Users in Social Sciences
  Liu Lei
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(122.88 K)]
An Analysis of Practical and Theoretical Studies of Reader Services in China
  Tan Zhaomin
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(85.91 K)]
Present Status of and Recommendations for the Development of Electronic Publications in China
  Dong Jianxin
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(103.61 K)]
A General Description of Development of Libraries in Minority Regions in China
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(68.05 K)]
Information Retrieval Systems:from Boolean Logic to Vector Space
  Zhang Jin
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(111.69 K)]
On Information Services of Academic Library
  Xia Hong
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(175.09 K)]
Misleading Effects of Charged Services and Business Activities on Libraries Should be Prevented
  He Shanxiang
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(78.89 K)]
How to Provide Better Information Services in Libraries of Universities in Agricultural Sciences
  Zheng Quantai and Tian Yabo
  1997,23(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(68.85 K)]