Volume 31,Issue 5,2005 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

A Comparative Study of Websites of Chinese and American Universities
  Duan Yufeng,Qiu Junping
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(304.05 K)]
A Study of Standards for Open Government Information
  Zhou Yi
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(290.30 K)]
Intellectual Resource Management, Information Management and Knowledge Management
  Gu Xiaohua,Wu Xianjie
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(244.89 K)]
Orientation of Library and Information Institutions in Modern Information Services
  He Shaohua,Fang Qinghua
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(242.76 K)]
Integrated Evaluation of Technological and Economical Effects of Information Supply
  Cai Jianfeng,Wu Laxin
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(193.62 K)]
A Study of Value-Adding Functions of Abstract and Index Databases
  Han Lifeng et al.
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(263.76 K)]
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(68.03 K)]
Subject Portal; Concept, Architecture and Key Technologies
  Kong Jing,Li Guangjian
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(905.82 K)]
Automatic Segmentation of Chinese Words and Processing of Their Ambiguities in Full-Text Search
  Xiong Huixiang
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(229.97 K)]
Information Resource Allocation and Its Performance
  Pei Chengfa
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(198.40 K)]
On Digital Collection Management Policy
  Suo Chuanjun
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(235.56 K)]
On the Development of a National System of Digital Resources of Doctoral Dissertations and Master''''s Theses
  Zhang Xuefu,Meng Liansheng
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(255.28 K)]
New Developments in Chinese Bibliographical Studies
  Fu Xianhua
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(307.61 K)]
A Brand New Textbook of Bibliography
  Luo Deyun
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(125.68 K)]
A Survey of Information Resource Cooperative Development and Sharing in China
  Xiang Yingming,Luo Aijing
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(345.36 K)]
Creation of CLC Knowledge Base for Automatic Classification of Chinese Information
  Hou Hanqing,Xue Chunxiang
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(257.20 K)]
On "Real" and "Virtual" Libraries
  Yuan Hongsheng
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(229.46 K)]
Cultural Identity of Cities and Development of Public Libraries
  Wang Bing
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(197.31 K)]
Library''''s Role for User''''s Internet Information Literacy
  Liu Chaoqiu
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(133.82 K)]
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(123.14 K)]
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(37.49 K)]
Strategic Plan of China Society for Library Science during " Eleventh Five Year Plan"
  Zhan Furui
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(402.39 K)]
Speech at Closing Ceremony of Seventh National Cogress of Library Society of China
  Zhan Furui
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(170.52 K)]
Digital Library Development and Its Service Extension Strategy
  Hu Changping,Gu Bin
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(300.61 K)]
On the Structural Reform of Library Work
  Huang Jungui
  2005,31(5):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(318.59 K)]