Volume 33,Issue 5,2007 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

  Zhou Wenjun
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(114.73 K)]
Inheriting Good Tradition and Creating Bright Future
  Peng Feizhang and Wu Lihong
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(208.82 K)]
Beneficial to Scholars, Inheriting Tradition and Making Innovations
  Wu Weici and Cai Qing
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(227.13 K)]
Characteristics of Journal of Library Science in China
  Li Zhizhong
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(115.47 K)]
  Xu Yinchi
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(112.06 K)]
Impressions of Journal of Library Science in China
  Zhang Xinyi
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(113.12 K)]
History of Half a Century and Brilliant Achievement in 50 Years
  Liu Ziheng
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(192.62 K)]
Guiding Academic Researches is a Mission of FirstClass Academic Journals
  Ye Jiyuan
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(314.26 K)]
Journal of Library Science in China Pushing the Studies in Core Value within Chinese Librarianship
  Fan Bingsi and Zhou Ji
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(292.68 K)]
Focusing on Practical Issuces: a Permanent Direction of Library Science
  Xiao Ximing
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(222.19 K)]
Academic Ethics, Academic Enlightenment and Academic Journals
  Jiang Yongfu
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(181.38 K)]
Library Core Value in Contemporary Chinese Context
  Wang Zhijin and Fan Zhenjia
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(317.62 K)]
A Study of Basic Issues in Webometrics
  Zhao Rongying,Zhang Yang and Qiu Junping
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(256.84 K)]
Formation of Multiple Viewpoints and Their Communities in the Studies of Information Resource Management, Part Ⅰ
  Song Enmei
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(286.11 K)]
Quality Management of Digital Collections
  Suo Chuanjun and Zhao Meiting
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(330.55 K)]
Constructing a Strategic System for National Digital Information Resources
  Sun Jianjun and Ke Qing
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(328.80 K)]
Impact Factors of Library Service Quality: Weight Measurement and Fuzzy Evaluation
  Han Yi,Yang Xiaoqiong and Li Jian
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(174.66 K)]
Verification of Closed NonInteractive Literature Knowledge Discovery Method in Chinese Literature
  Huang Shuiqing,Xiong Jian and Li Zhiyan
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(258.69 K)]
A Study of Rules for Ontology Reasoning Based on Semantic Relationships
  Xu Guohu,Xu Fang and Dong Hui
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(262.22 K)]
Chinese Database Industry: Present Status, Problems and Counter Measures
  Xie Linhui
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(129.19 K)]
Perspective Transformation in the Communications of Tacit Knowledge
  Yun Qiaoyun and Cheng Gang
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(215.67 K)]
7S Strategy for Library Information Resource Development and Marketing
  Lu Haodong and Liu Kunxiong
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(289.90 K)]
Reference Services in Networked Environment
  Chen Yi
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(131.79 K)]
Applications of Pareto Law in Library Management
  Xu Jian and Huang Qiuyue
  2007,33(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(159.40 K)]