Volume 34,Issue 5,2008 Table of Contents

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From Margin to Center: On the Change of Disciplinary Paradigms in Information Management Study
  Li Gang and Sun Jianjun
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(546.86 K)]
Core Library Value and Its Realization
  Huang Jungui
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(470.37 K)]
Intellectual Freedom as the Core Value of Library
  Wang Hongyi and Jiang Yongfu
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(517.62 K)]
Using Open Access to Improve Library Collections
  Huang Ruhua
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(487.77 K)]


A Model of User Information Authentication OnePoint Login Oriented to Web Library
  Guo Qiuping,Jiao Yu and Zhou Jiuchang
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(608.12 K)]
Information Resource Management: a Comparative Study Based on Bibliometrics
  Qiu Junping,Su Jinyan and Xiong Zunyan
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(629.23 K)]
Present Status of Courses Related to Information Literacy in Universities in Taiwan
  Qiu Ziheng
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(585.90 K)]
Researches on Information Integration Services in the Environment of Library 2.0
  Jiao Yuying and Liu Ying
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(413.16 K)]
Extension and Realization of Personalized Online Cooperative Recommendation Services
  Hu Changping and Sun Gaoling
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(663.08 K)]
CareforReader Awareness in Modern Library Architecture
  Ying Changxing
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(329.37 K)]
Knowledge Flow Transformation and Its Control in AntiCompetitive Intelligence Activities of Enterprises
  Zhang Cuiying and Yang Zhixia
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(417.54 K)]


Review and Reflection of Basic Theoretical Researches in Library Science in the Past 30 Years
  Ke Ping,Zhao Yimin and Gao Shuang
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(588.02 K)]
A Survey of Researches in Library Knowledge Management
  Gong Jiaoteng
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(427.72 K)]


Ecological Trend: Basic Approaches of Sustainable Development of Library in the 21st Century
  Xia Yougen,Huang Xiaoying and Chen Gaochao
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(338.71 K)]
Automatic Indexing Model Based on Conditional Random Fields
  Zhang Chengzhi and Su Xinning
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(519.42 K)]
A Study of Interoperation Technologies of Thesauri: an Experiment of an Integrated Educational Vocabulary
  Liu Huamei and Hou Hanqing
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(499.53 K)]
Developing Loyal Users of eCommerce Services of Digital Libraries
  Xu Chunman
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(418.03 K)]
On Macroscopic Structures of Metadata for Electronic File Management
  Zhang Chi
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(525.98 K)]


  Qiu Xiaogang
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(268.42 K)]
  Published 9月 15日, 2008
  2008,34(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF]