Volume 35,Issue 5,2009 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Speech at the Centennial Celebration Ceremony of NLCLi Changchun
  Li Changchun
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(322.67 K)]


Speech at the Centennial Celebration Ceremony of NLC
  Cai Wu
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(242.92 K)]
Inherit Civilization, Serve the Society and Create a Brilliant Future
  Zhang Furui
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(407.20 K)]
The 100year History and Heritage of the National Library of China
  Li Zhizhong
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(542.55 K)]
Mission, Trust and Responsibility: Librarians Talking about Li Changchun's Speech
  Zhang Furui,Wu Jianzhong,Zhu Qiang,Zhang Xiaolin,Wu Weici and Chen Chuanfu
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(426.98 K)]


The Transcendence as Is and the Interpretation as Ought to Be: How to Improve the Disciplinary Status of Library Science
  Fu Rongxian
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(596.14 K)]
The Paradigm and Theoretical Defectiveness in the Information Life Cycle Research
  Wan Lipeng
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(473.13 K)]
A Study of the Radiation Power of Public Libraries
  Dou Hongqing
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(506.54 K)]


The Establishment of Coordinating Mechanism for Digitizing Ancient Books
  Chen Deyuan
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(473.98 K)]
A Study of the Ontology Application Environment Based on the Digital Library
  Dong Hui,Wang Fei,Jiang Ying,Gao Jin,Weng Dandan and Zeng Jie
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(878.81 K)]
The Workflow of Knowledge Processing Based on Semantic Web and Its Technology Framework
  Chao Lemen
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(745.89 K)]
Electronic Resources vs. Paper Resources: Library Expenditures in USA and Canada
  Cheng Li and Ye Ying
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(367.72 K)]


An Empirical Analysis of the Library Science Research in China during 1999-2008 (Part I)
  Qiu Junping,Ding Jingda and Zhou Chunlei
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(984.42 K)]
An Analysis of the Progress and Hot Spots in the Information Resource Management Study abroad Based on IRMJ and JASIS
  Bi Qiang and Teng Guangqing
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.08 M)]
Review and Forecast of Library Service Quality Assessment Research
  Shi Guohong and Wang Zhimin
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(553.15 K)]


Analysis of Network Users’Group Interaction and Research for Service Based on the Web 2.0
  Hu Changping,Hu Jiming and Deng Shengli
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(709.92 K)]
Exploration of the Motivations to Produce UserGenerated Content in Web 2.0 Era
  Zhao Yuxiang and Zhu Qinghua
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(714.44 K)]
The Current Situation of Personalized Services of Knowledge Portal and Their Optimization
  Wang Cuiping and Yang Dongmei
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(498.60 K)]


  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(238.30 K)]
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(731.69 K)]
  2009,35(5) [Abstract]  [View PDF(246.21 K)]