Volume 47,Issue 4,2021 Table of Contents

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Salute to the Greatest Thinkers in Human History: The Contemporary Values of the Manuscripts and Rare Works of Marx and Engels in Sun Yat-sen University Library
  CHENG Huanwen, ZHANG Qi, XIE Xiaoyan, WANG Lei
  2021,47(4):4-15 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.05 M)]
The Discipline System,Academic System and Discourse System of Intelligence Studies with Chinese Characteristics
  SU Xinning
  2021,47(4):16-27 [Abstract]  [View PDF(8.16 M)]
Review and Prospect of Scientific and Technical Information Enterprise in China: From the Perspective of Information Science Theories
  WANG Lin, LAI Maosheng
  2021,47(4):28-47 [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.94 M)]
Empowerment Mechanism of Library Highquality Development
  KE Ping, PENG Liang
  2021,47(4):48-60 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.47 M)]
Exploring the Information Disparity of Individuals with Different Educational Levels Based on a Comparative Analysis Procedure of Available and Accessible Information Sources
  ZHOU Wenjie
  2021,47(4):61-75 [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.15 M)]
Type and Implementation of Vocabulary Reuse in Resource Description
  JIA Junzhi
  2021,47(4):76-85 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.77 M)]
Digital Humanities Evaluation: Discipline, Specialty and Technology
  CAI Yingchun
  2021,47(4):86-96 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.70 M)]
Noting the Essentials: An Explorative Tool for Catalog Annotations in Chinese RareBook Collections
  LI Hui, CHEN Tao, HOU Junming, LIU Ding, ZHU Qinghua, LIU Wei
  2021,47(4):97-112 [Abstract]  [View PDF(12.27 M)]
Sentiment Term Extraction and Application of Chinese Ancient Poetry Text for Digital Humanities
  ZHANG Wei, WANG Hao, DENG Sanhong, ZHANG Baolong
  2021,47(4):113-131 [Abstract]  [View PDF(21.03 M)]