Volume 27,Issue 2,2001 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Developing an NLC Culture and Promoting the Development of Librarianship
  Zhou Heping
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(71.84 K)]
On Principles of Librarianship
  Huang Jungui
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(91.44 K)]
Knowledge Management Theory: Perspectives of Information Science
  Liu Chunmao
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(78.02 K)]
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(60.13 K)]
On the Construction of Curriculum System of Library and Information Science
  Zhan Deyou
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(80.68 K)]
Supervision of Network Information Services
  Hu Changping et al.
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(82.33 K)]
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(59.68 K)]
An Analysis of Information Cognitive Behaviors of Users
  Dong Shaojie,Yu Aijun
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(144.31 K)]
An Introductory Study of Ethic Codes of IT and Library Professionals
  Gu Ben
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(94.27 K)]
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(61.13 K)]
On National Network Information Policy
  Fu Lihong
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(90.25 K)]
Library Support in the Development of Western Region
  Chen Shuyuan
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(70.55 K)]
Resource Development in the Age of the Transition from Traditional Library to Digital Library
  Guan Jisuo
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(79.18 K)]
Allocation and Development of Information Resources in the Modern IT Environment
  Lou Cequn,Wang Fei
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(77.81 K)]
Cost Accounting and Compensation Principles of Library Resources Sharing in the Network Environment
  Yan Ling,Wang Yingxie
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.69 K)]
An Analysis of Basic Elements in the Industrialization of Agricultural Information
  Jin Zhongren et al.
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.00 K)]
Digital Library: Collection, Management and Service
  Zhu Fucheng et al.
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(163.49 K)]
A Review of Knowledge Information Management
  Huang Zongzhong
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.44 K)]
A Review of Education in Library Science in China in the Last Twenty Years
  Wang Zhijin
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(85.28 K)]
Some New Items Concerning Copyright Protection in “1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Law” of U.S.A.
  Liu Hua
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.40 K)]
Quality Control of Data in Citation Indexes
  Su Xinning
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(69.51 K)]
Resources Sharing in Software Development
  Zha Xianjin
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(74.63 K)]
Information Dissemination: a New Idea for the Management of Scientific and Technological Archives in Universities
  Li Jingyi
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(71.26 K)]
Revolution and Development of Information Services in the Information Age
  Qiu Jinli,Xu Ya''''nan
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(77.58 K)]
A New Idea for the Development of Document Resources in Foreign Languages in University Libraries
  Gu Liwen
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(71.98 K)]
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(16.99 K)]
  2001,27(2):0 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.49 K)]