Volume 26,Issue 6,2000 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

New Trends in Library Science in the Twenty-First Century
  Wu Weici and Luo Zhiyong
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(77.29 K)]
On the Stratified Structure System of Infomation Mamagement
  Xu Jinghua
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(85.37 K)]
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.40 K)]
A General Conception of the Revision of Classified Chinese Thesaurus
  Bu Shuqing and Chen Shunian
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(76.73 K)]
Information Quality Education of University Students in the Twenty-First Century
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(202.59 K)]
On the Development of Information Resources
  Dai Genxing
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(77.52 K)]
IT Revolution Is Promoting the Development of Information Industry
  Huang Qi
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(80.68 K)]
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(61.03 K)]
On Information Management and Consultancy Services of Middle-and Small-Sized Enterprises
  Leng Fuhai
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(86.58 K)]
Information Security in the Environment of Modern Information Technology and Our Strategies
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(88.46 K)]
Information Service Industrialization and Information Resources Sharing
  Zhang Yanfei and Li Xiaopeng
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(77.19 K)]
Strategies for the Acquisition of Information Resources in the Network Environment
  Bi Qiang and Wen Ping
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(73.41 K)]
The Establishment of Networks of Document Resources Sharing in Economically Developed Regions
  Xiao Ximing
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(75.63 K)]
An Analysis of Benefits of Libraries in the Network Environment
  Liu Guangpu
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(82.73 K)]
On the Extension of the Legal Deposit System and the Acquisition of Electronic Publications
  Liu Jiazhen
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(78.15 K)]
Present Status and Future Prospect of Library Automation in Universities for Ethnic Minorities
  Huang Jia
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.73 K)]
Metadata and Bibliographical Control of Network Information Resources
  Shen Yunyun
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(79.25 K)]
The Compromise proposal of Data Management Function: Post-Relational Database System
  Chen Yuan and Zhou Puxiong
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(78.65 K)]
China National Bibliography of Ancient Books in Mongolian:the First Large-Scale National Bibliography of Ancient Books in Languages of Ethnic Minorities in China
  Sun Beixin and Shen Xiaoting
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(73.35 K)]
Japanese Database Industry in the 1990s
  Zhu Qinghua
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(148.43 K)]
Rethinking Traditional Library Management and Service Patterns
  Zhang Yong
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(77.49 K)]
A Study of the Compatibility and Interchangeability of Library Classification Languages in Ancient and Modern Times
  Zhu Saihong
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.24 K)]
On Services of Local Document Information
  Fu Hong
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(73.22 K)]
Attention Resource and Library Information Service
  Yang Rong
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(71.72 K)]
Library Services Viewed from“The Library of the Year”of LibraryJournal
  Ma Han and Shan Qicheng
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(73.89 K)]
Improving Services of Departmental Libraries in Universities
  Qin Jianmin
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(72.88 K)]
Innovation Education and University Libraries
  Zhang Lei
  2000,26(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(71.28 K)]