Volume 35,Issue 4,2009 Table of Contents

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The Construction of “Public Library Services” in China: Discourse Analysis of PostLibraryAssessment Discursive Events
  Yu Liangzhi
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(721.57 K)]
An Analysis of Policy Requirements for Library Information Resource Development in China
  Xiao Ximing and Zhang Xinhe
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(551.57 K)]
Lack of Empirical Research in Chinese Library Science
  Liu Yu,Ye Jiyuan and Yuan Xilin
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(557.10 K)]
A Study on Theoretical Foundation of Noninteractive Literature-Based Discovery
  Zhang Yunqiu and Leng Fuhai
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(522.09 K)]
Empirical Research on Noninteractive Literture-Based Discovery of Chinese Social Sciences Literature: With Example of Agricultural Economics Literature
  Huang Shuiqing and Ma Junling
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(549.79 K)]


Two Ways and Means of the Librarys Physical Information Resource Organization
  Wang Songlin
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(448.52 K)]
Resources Organizational Strategy in Information Commons
  Hao Qun and Cheng Junying
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(538.40 K)]
The Coordinated Development of Electronic Resources and Print Resources
  Li Yongmei and Yuan Xueliang
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(582.90 K)]
Comparative Research on Retrieval Effectiveness Based on Important Sentence Groups
  He Lin,Huang Shuiqing and Xu Caiqin
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(500.97 K)]


Review on the Bibliographical Practice in the Past Thirty Years
  Peng Feizhang and Chen Hongyan
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(528.86 K)]
Research Review on the Retrieval Effectiveness of Overseas Search Engines
  Ma Feicheng,WANG Juncheng,Wu Kewen and Qiu Xuan
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(498.76 K)]
Postmodernism's Influences on Basic Theory of Information Science
  Wang Jiandong
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(570.16 K)]
Research Progress on Relevance for Information Retrieval aboard in Recent Years
  Pang Hongshen and Xu Wenxian
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(519.14 K)]
The Construction of Knowledge System in Library Science: Book Review on What Is Library Science
  Ma Xiaosheng
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(436.03 K)]


Research on the Inaccessibility of Web Citation
  Lu Wei,Han Shuguang and Shen Xiangxing
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(756.98 K)]
Research on Relatedness Algorithm between Topics and Resources of Multiple Topics
  Qiu Jiangnan,Wang Daidi and Zhong Qiuyan
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(750.62 K)]
Discussion on Setting Up branch Libraries Utilizing Personal Philanthropic Funds in China
  Zhang Xiumei
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(507.13 K)]


  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(213.16 K)]
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(209.35 K)]
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(213.92 K)]
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(261.07 K)]
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
  2009,35(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(251.20 K)]
  Published 7月 15日, 2009
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